Hello campers,


Duttona Family Campground Phase 2 Information & Guidelines

 Please, continue to use your Pink Card on your vehicles dashboard.  We ask all seasonal campers have these cards visible at all times while at the camp!

Starting Friday June 19th:

  • Visitors are allowed for day use only, no guest overnights during Phase 2.   Social gathering has been increased to a maximum of 10 people.  Social distancing of 6 feet apart remains in effect at all times for anyone not living in the same household. 


All visitors must be pre-registered before coming to the campground.

  • Pre-registration includes the submission of a Waiver & Release form for each individual (including children)
    • Print the form (included in this email) for each individual who will be visiting you  (PLEASE NOTE: we will have limited forms available for $1.00 each)
    • This form only needs to be submitted once per season per individual
    • The individual must fill out the requested information on this form
    • Each clause needs to be initialed by the individual
    • The individual is required to sign and date IN THE BOX at the end of the form
    • Guardians are to fill out the form for any minors under their care, initial the additional clauses at the end of the form, and sign and date below the additional clauses.


  • Visitors may come to the park only if your site & trailer can accommodate their needs (water, electricity & septic) while adhering to the social distancing guidelines.  Public washrooms and showers are not open in Phase 2.
  • Day Passes can be bought at the time of each visit
  • A Family Member Seasonal Pass MUST be paid for at the time of registration


  • All visitors MUST sign the Visitor Log Book on subsequent visits to the campground
  • All visitors MUST park in the parking lot just outside the gate, there will be no vehicle access into the park and this will be our designated parking for all guests from now on.
  • NO guest overnights, and all visitors must leave the park by 10:00 pm


Visitor Pricing Schedule (prices are per person, HST will be added)   5 years & under – FREE

  • Day Pass – $5.00  (9am to 10pm)
  • No Overnight Passes Allowed at this time
  • Family Member Seasonal Pass
    • $50.00  (17 & under)
    • $75.00  (18 & over)
    • Family Member includes (for each adult on the License of Occupation): your (grand)parents, your children (and their spouses), and your (great)grand-children.
    • We understand that family units come in many different shapes and sizes.  We have a policy of non-discrimination and will individually review who is included as a Family Member when requested.
  • Passes will be added to your Seasonal Invoice and can be paid by E-Transfer (payments@duttonafamilycampground.ca), personal check, credit card or Debit.  Cash will be accepted in exact amounts only  (place cash in an envelope or zip-lock baggie)



Open Immediately:

  • Horseshoe pits
  • Laundromat (no more than 4 people are allowed in laundry room at a time)  Due to the limiting of cash handling at this time and the Office renovations, campers are responsible to bring their own change for the machines. 
  • Waterfront and trail
  • Office will be open for limited hours and on-call assistance from 9am to 5pm.  If no one is at the office, call the camp number for assistance (519-762-3643)




  • Playgrounds
  • Pool
  • Public washrooms & showers